Enhance your CV with our AI-driven analysis and expert global recruitment guidance.

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Document Submission
Begin by uploading your existing resume or personal profile. Our AI system is designed to work with a variety of file formats, making the process simple and convenient for you.
Comprehensive Analysis
Once your documents are submitted, our AI system goes to work. It analyzes every aspect of your resume or profile, from formatting and structure to content and keywords.
Insights and Suggestions
Our AI generates a detailed report, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. You'll receive insights and suggestions for enhancing your document to better align with your career goals.
Personalized Recommendations
The AI provides personalized recommendations based on the analysis. This means that your resume or profile is tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

Unlock Your Full Potential with our VIP Package

Experience the ultimate in career development and support with our VIP Package. Tailor-made to address your unique needs and aspirations, this exclusive offering provides unparalleled access to expert guidance and resources.

A unique opportunity to utilise the power of our global client base with a proactive outreach on your behalf to present your incredible bespoke profile to clients relevant to your skills and experience!

VIP Package

What’s included

  • CV analysis with AI-driven insights, enhancement suggestions, and a new template
  • Custom cover letter(s) tailored to your job targets
  • 60-minute consultation with a career coach and CV expert
  • Market insights overview tailored to your skills and experience
  • Document pack with LinkedIn optimization guide, profile assessment, and job search tips
  • Proactive identification and outreach programme to suitable potential employers.

Unlock Your Full Potential




Choose the right package for you

Start by selecting the package that suits your needs and budget. Our packages cater to various requirements, from basic improvements to comprehensive profile creation.



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Our Basic Package is an excellent choice for those looking to give their resume or personal profile a quick boost.

  • AI-powered assessment of your resume or profile
  • Suggestions for enhancements
  • A great starting point for small updates
  • Suggested customised template for new cv



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The Tailored Package is perfect for individuals who want a more thorough evaluation and an in-depth review of their documents.

  • All basic benefits plus the addition of a tailored covered letter specific to the job you wish to apply for

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